"Izuba ryacu Umuriro Wacu/Notre soleil Notre Energie/ Our Sun Our Energy"


"In order to achieve the sector's vision of ‘sustainable development through access to clean, reliable and efficient energy for all’, the government of Burundi with the support of various stakeholders is pursuing energy production and supply activities to meet demand. We take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to all our development partners who accompany us in the implementation of our mission to provide the population with access to electricity and other related services, in particular the World Bank and the EU for their collaboration in the organisation of the energy days."
- Mr. Ibrahim Uwizeye, the Minister of Energy & Mines of Burundi 


Small Business

In rural areas, we offer solar systems for SME enabled barber shops, bars, shops, etc to have longer opening hours and the increase their revenues. We offer also solar refrigerator, solar water pump, etc.

Rural Households

We offer affordable solar home kits for rural families who don't have access to energy. All our solar home kits are designed with Pay-As-You-Go feature so that the enduser can pay via mobile money.


We offer larger solar systems for schools, hospitals, industries etc..We have a strong technical team who can design and do proper sizing for their main source of energy or for a back-up solution.


African Sun Power is a leader for solar products on Burundi and DRC market. We offer a range of solutions designed with Pay-As-You-Go feature. We are also able to design a product based on a specific demand of the enduser.